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valuation management

Appraisal services for mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions.


Active risk reduction strategy and compliance

Superior vendor and risk management in the valuation industry cannot come from the inclusion of every appraisal vendor. In fact, it can only be achieved with the selection of a certain number of available vendors. Simply put; if your goal is to have the highest quality appraisal product that enables you to reliably avoid, identify, measure, and reduce the risks associated with residential properties while assuring full compliance with all federal and state regulations and applicable laws; then the only one way to achieve this goal is with the best vendors available in the marketplace.


Reducing risk in valuations starts and ends with working with professionals that are not only good at what they do but are ethical, professional, and confident in what they do. The best appraisers utilize the best resources, education, and creative thinking to solve the most common to the most complex appraisal problems.

Active & Effective Appraiser Screening

Active and effective appraiser screening

You need to identify the highest quality appraisers in a given location; offer them truly customary and reasonable fees; provide them with the respect, assistance, and resources that they need to perform their assignments professionally and independently; and allow them to achieve success by rewarding them for proven efforts in caring for what they do and upholding a certain ethical standard for the industry.

The appraisers reward comes in the form of a stable, respectful, personable, and professional relationship; a reliable AMC operations staff with local knowledge that holds itself accountable throughout the order management process; compensation that is commensurate with the assignment; and technology that truly allows the best-qualified appraisers to separate themselves from the pack with reliable data tracking and scoring systems that actually work and don’t adversely penalize the better performing and most qualified appraisers.

Industry Leading Appraisal Operations Experts
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Industry Leading Appraisal Operations Experts

Ongoing and effective screening, development, and growth of an appraisal vendor panel require highly efficient technology and an operations staff that is industry-leading and knowledgeable in compliance and appraisal order workflows.


Our operations team is efficient and accountable. Behind the fancy bells and whistles of a software platform/portal, there needs to be a highly professional and effective operations team. The logistics of the mortgage servicing industry requires it. With the constant need for risk avoidance and reduction, data security protection, AIR, and general regulatory compliance; the most effective AMC is the one that runs a tight ship in its handling, processing, and management of information. We implement a simple best practices approach to order management in the valuation industry.

The Advantages of Working with DNA
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the advantages of working with dna

  • Improved quality in appraisal products and services

  • Improved process efficiency and appraisal order cycle time

  • LOS Integration capabilities

  • Optimized vendor performance and maintenance

  • Quality Appraisal Review (Automated and Manual)

  • Appraisal Vendor Collaboration Framework

  • Analytics reporting and business intelligence on vendor performance

  • Vendor resources for innovation and marketplace differentiation

  • Common sense approach to appraisal operations and workflows

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