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OUR objective

Our objective is to grow this company by building an appraiser panel that is uniquely different from other AMC appraiser panels. We started in our home of Metro New York where we are knowledgeable and experienced in the market and have existing relationships with local appraisers and data sources. We work with a smaller, select group of appraisers in each state that we can build a mutually beneficial relationship with.


Our experience in handling high volume as a local appraisal firm is the key component of how we operate, manage, and grow DNAVM.


We have a different model internally that allows us to pay appraisers a truly “customary and reasonable fee” and run an operation that prioritizes appraisers’ independence and interests. This is a service industry and ensuring compliance while delivering premier service to the lender client is paramount; however, we know that it is possible to have an AMC that also respects and honors the relationships it has with its appraiser panel as much as it does with its lender clients.





Our experience has shown us that recruiting a smaller panel and not accommodating a panel of over 100 appraisers in small and dense geographical areas, allows us to provide our appraiser panel with a more stable workflow and consistent income; while also providing superior quality and turn times than other competing AMC’s. It is possible to truly deliver the best quality appraisal from the most qualified and experienced local appraisers by following this recruitment model. Our competitors have sought to answer lender turn time requirements by registering every appraiser in each state and assigning orders based on the lowest-fee and quickest turn time in their system. We believe that this is a failed model and is not beneficial to either the appraiser or the lender client.

Targeted Recruitment
Fee Structure
Fee Structure


Without reliable and experienced appraisers, we know it is impossible to truly deliver the best and most accurate appraisal to the client. Since we will not be over-recruiting for our appraiser panel, DNAVM will not overgrow and have high internal overhead. With this approach we can compensate our appraisers appropriately and never be in a situation where we need to take more money than the actual appraiser doing the work.


Once registered on our panel, you will receive a call from one of our representatives to discuss your wants, needs and expectations from an AMC. This will include a very straightforward discussion on fees and turn times.

Company Structure
Company Structure


We believe our local appraisal firm background and experience makes all the difference. Our staff managed 500 orders per month in Metro NY alone. We handled this volume for major AMC’s and lenders by only using 25 appraisers. This allowed our appraisers to rely on us for full-time work. We only recruited additional appraisers when there was a need to handle more volume.

This example may seem crazy but let’s face it; other AMC’s have amassed panels with hundreds of appraisers in the same territory. They would prefer to spread 500 orders to over 300 appraisers. Appraisers literally get lost in these bloated appraiser panels. Our model, however, allowed us to have an appraisal order to appraiser ratio of 20:1. That’s really only about four orders per week for a full-time appraiser and just enough of a commitment for that appraiser to rely on our partnership. As an AMC this is our base model. We want to remain competitive and this means that we need appraisers that want to work with us and take on more assignments through us versus other AMC’s. We want to be the clear choice for appraisers who take pride in their work.

It can only be achieved with reasonable fees and respect for the people that do the actual work. We want to get to know our appraiser panel. Our appraisers will be able to call in and discuss specifics of an appraisal with a staff appraiser with local expertise that they know and can trust. Our administrative and operations staff will also be available to help our appraisers in any way they can.

We Know What It's Like
You Know What It' Like

we know what it's like

We are actual appraisers ourselves and have worked as appraisers for many AMC’s so we are aware of the hardships and nuances that can come with it and have a lot of ideas on how the industry should work differently.

We know about receiving random orders with bizarre fees in territories you don’t even cover; we know about never hearing from a company after you’ve registered and then all of a sudden getting a low fee rush assignment from them out of the blue a year later; we know about receiving an assignment via broadcast that was offered to over 100 appraisers at one time; we know about being called a “partner” or being contacted via email by a “relationship manager” that you have never even spoken to before. We know; and we know that we have the solution.


Our goal is to change the current AMC/Appraiser dynamic and show lenders that the formula for low-risk, high-quality appraisal valuations and lower appraiser turn times is not the status quo.



We are pleased to announce the launch of our new appraisal order management system! To continue as a DNAVM appraiser, you must register on our new EVO platform. Once registered, you can utilize our website to track and complete orders. We can assure appraisers that we have invested in a state-of-the-art software platform that is easy to use and has safeguards in place to guarantee appraiser compliance and independence.


Our appraiser analytics and scorecards are also configured to be fair to appraisers and not adversely penalize appraisers for things outside of their control in the valuation management process, i.e. borrower delays, incorrect contact information, and unforeseeable changes in property status.


In partnering with Global DMS, we know that with the right panel of appraisers, an industry-leading software platform, and the right human talent in operations and management, we can become the nation’s premier Appraisal Management Company; providing both lender clients and appraisers with an experience like no other.


If you are a residential appraiser that takes pride in your work, then we would like you to join our team ASAP!


For us it is not about having every appraiser, it is about having the right appraisers. We look forward to hearing from you.

To begin the registration process:

Join Our Team


If you are a residential appraiser that takes pride in your work, then we would like you to join our team ASAP!


For us it is not about having every appraiser, it is about having the right appraisers. We look forward to hearing from you.

To begin the registration process:

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